Is my item covered by a warranty?

Yes. RueZone offers a warranty with every handset we sell, to give you extra peace of mind in your purchase.

  • Renewed (Pristine), Excellent and Very Good grade phones receive a 12 months warranty.
  • Good graded phones receive a 6 months warranty.
  • Pre-loved graded phones receive a 3 months warranty.

If you would like to return your phone during the warranty period, please see our returns page for more information and to submit your return.

Please note, our warranty covers free repairs or replacements within the warranty period. We do not offer refunds on devices outside of our 14 day cancellation period.

What's covered by the warranty?

Our warranty covers technical device defects and faults caused by poor workmanship or faulty parts.

What does the warranty not cover?

Our warranty does not cover accidental damage caused by the user, damage to screens, fascias and surrounds (including fading and discolouration), issues caused by unlocking or installing third-party software to the device or by any components added to the device since it was sold.

Water damage or oxidation to the internal parts of the phone are not covered by our warranty either.

The warranty will also become void if we find any evidence that the item has been opened in any way. This includes third-party repairs.

Is the phone's battery covered?

We test all the devices we sell thoroughly before they are sold. A battery will pass our tests if it is at least at 80% of its optimal capacity.

Because the lifespan of a battery can be greatly influenced by a user's charging habits (overcharging, undercharging, etc), we do not cover a phone's battery under warranty outside of 3 months.

What will void the warranty?

If the phone becomes damaged by the user in any way (such as cracked screen, damaged cover etc), the warranty becomes void and any repairs that are required will be chargeable. 

If the phone has been modified or opened by a third-party (such as a repair shop that isn't RueZone), this will also void the warranty.

If we find evidence that the phone has received water damage or shows signs of oxidation, this will also invalidate your warranty.

What happens when a handset is returned under warranty?

When you return a product to us due to a defect, we will electronically test and examine the returned product. We will notify you of the outcome of this examination within a reasonable time period.

If we agree that the device is defective, we will issue a repaired or replacement device to you within 7 working days.

How do I prepare my handset for return?

All devices returned under warranty must not have any locks or accounts active. This includes, but is not limited to iCloud, Google and Samsung accounts. Any devices returned with locks in place will result in a significant delay in resolving the issues with the phone.

If you are unable to remove your iCloud account or screen lock, this will result in your warranty becoming invalidated.

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