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Introduction to the Google Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 6, launched back in 2021, made waves in the smartphone industry with its impressive features and performance. Known for its excellent camera, tensor chip, and timely Android upgrades, the Pixel 6 quickly became a favourite among Android enthusiasts. But as we step into 2024 and devices such as the Google Pixel 8 being newly released, is this device still worth considering?

Performance and Specifications in 2024

The Google Pixel 6 still boasts a solid performance two years after its launch. Powered by Google's tensor chip, it offers a seamless user experience. Its full AMOLED panel display provides vibrant colours and sharp visuals, making it a treat for the eyes. However, with the advent of newer models and technologies, the Pixel 6 might feel a bit outdated, especially compared to the latest flagship devices.

User Reviews and Opinions

Diving into some Google Pixel 6 reviews, the consensus among users seems optimistic. Many appreciate its photography capabilities, consistent software updates, and overall user experience. However, some users have pointed out issues like the restarting problem and the fingerprint sensors' accuracy concerns. Overall, the Pixel 6 has garnered much praise, but it's essential to consider the occasional hiccups users have experienced and weigh up whether those are of concern to you when considering buying a Google Pixel 6 refurbished.

Comparison with the Google Pixel 7

With its specifications and features, the Google Pixel 7 slightly overshadows the Pixel 6. The most noticeable difference is the redefined design gives a much sleeker appearance to its earlier counterpart. The camera capabilities of the Google Pixel 7 take the lead, offering 4k recording with 60fps for its front camera, a feature absent in the Google Pixel 6.

One of the main selling points of the Google Pixel 7 was its upgraded Tensor G2 processor over the Google Pixel 6's Tensor processor. However, the difference between the new and older generation chips is less significant than initially promised, with comparison benchmark tests such as Nanoreview rating them quite closely - see the review on their site here

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent Camera: Known for its point-and-shoot capabilities, the Pixel 6 camera is still a great contender in the current market.
  • Software Updates: Google's promise of regular updates ensures that the device remains up-to-date with the latest features, such as Spatial Audio becoming available for the Google Pixel 6 in early 2024.
  • Affordable Price: With the release of newer models, the Pixel 6 is now available at a much cheaper price point, and with options such as buying a Google Pixel 6 refurbished being more readily available, the device will be much more affordable in 2024.


  • Outdated Hardware: Compared to the latest smartphones, the Pixel 6 may feel outdated in hardware and appearance. With elements such as the chipset and camera features constantly evolving in newer flagship devices, the Pixel 6 may fall behind.
  • Battery Life: Some users have reported declining battery performance over time. While battery health is a concern for all mobile devices over time, there are steps we can take to provide better care for your phone's battery health.

Considerations for Long-Term Use

If you plan to use the Google Pixel 6 for the next 3-4 years, it's essential to consider its longevity of support. While the device will still receive software updates, the hardware might become outdated compared to newer models; if you value elements such as the performance speed being as high as possible, then this is something to consider. However, for users who aren't inclined to have the latest tech and are looking for a reliable phone with a good camera and user experience, the Pixel 6 is still a viable option.

Should You Buy the Google Pixel 6 in 2024?

In conclusion, the Google Pixel 6, with its impressive features and reduced price, is still a contender in 2024. While it might not be the latest and greatest, it offers a solid performance, excellent camera, and the promise of Google's software updates. Furthermore, as we previously mentioned, many more buying options are available for the device, such as buying a Google Pixel 6 refurbished, meaning you will have no trouble getting your hands on one. However, consider the Pixel 7 or other flagship devices if you're looking for cutting-edge technology.

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