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Let's face it. We're in an age where our phones are more than just devices. They're an extension of us. And with every new major content update, we expect the bar to be pushed even higher than what was capable before. Enter, iOS 17. Let's dive deep into what is new in the latest iOS update and discuss the features that we're most excited about.


A Whole New Calling Experience

Remember the times when you'd call someone, and it was just a call? With iOS 17, that's history with all-new customisation features for the calling experience. Now, you can personalise your phone calls with a contact poster. Every time you call someone, they will see your custom contact poster that you can create. It's like handing over a tiny piece of yourself.


Communication Reimagined

Have you ever wished your messages did a tad bit more? Well, wish granted.

Auto Check-in: With the new check-in feature, you can let your friends and family know of your arrival without typing a word. The check-in will ask for updates on your journey; if you stop progressing without an update, this will share some helpful information with your friend or family member so they can check up on you.

Message Features: Some useful updates to the message's layout and capabilities will make using them much more straightforward. Such as the catch-up arrow that lets you jump straight to the last message you didn't see; now, you'll never miss out on any conversations in the group chat! Some other useful features, such as the integrations, search bar, share location, and voice notes, got an upgrade.

Stickers: Stylise every part of your phone's usage! The stickers have now become more accessible than ever, as all of your stickers are now integrated into the emoji keyboard. So, you can use a sticker anywhere you can use an emoji. The stickers have also become considerably more customisable with the ability to create stickers from your images and add unique live effects.

FaceTime: Your friend missed your call? You can leave a video or audio message whenever someone doesn't answer your Facetime. 


Widgets and Interactive Tidbits

Have you ever wished your phone's widgets were just a little more useful and interactive? Well, iOS 17 solves that issue:

Interactive Widgets: Play music, control lights, and more with a tap on your home screen with fully customisable widgets to help you do more. 

StandBy: Turning your phone into the landscape view whilst charging to turn on the new StandBy mode gives you a unique experience depending on how you customise the feature. Adding widgets to the StandBy mode's Smart Stack lets you turn your phone into an impromptu information hub. A full-screen experience awaits.


Seamless Sharing & Content Delivery

Gone are the days when sharing information was tedious and required a computer!

AirDrop: Need to step away quickly? Then, no worries, your AirDrop transfers will be continued over the internet if you leave the AirDrop radius. (This feature is due to arrive later in the year.)

NameDrop: Remember those Contact Posters we mentioned earlier? You can easily share contact details and posters with someone new by tapping your phone on theirs.

SharePlay: Easily start a sharing session with your friends just by holding your devices close to one another; no need to worry about sending invites on messages anymore.

Journal: Create a self-made timeline of memories in the new Journal app. You can capture all your thoughts, memories, images, voice notes, songs and much more in your new private Journal that is supposedly only accessible to you.


All About Safety & Privacy

After the Apple Event introductory film, we can safely say that they have put a lot of thought into the safety features of their devices, and the iOS 17 update is no exception to that rule:

Privacy and Security: Greater control over what you share with improved permissions control and enhanced content sensitivity warnings. Also, an upgrade to the current Lockdown Mode means your phone should be safer than ever from cyber-attacks.

Maps: Road trips just became greener and smoother. Users can now download a map area to view offline, so there is no need to fret about losing your connection mid-journey. Electric vehicle users also just unlocked a new lifeline, with the ability to see currently available charging ports along your planned route.

Find My: Allows you to share location accessories in your network with others in a group; now, you can all search together for that missing AirTag.



New Features We're Excited About

Spotlight: Spotlight is a must-use feature if you're anything like me and struggle to find what you need on your Home Screen through the mess of apps. The new update makes the suggestions in Top Hit even more intelligent and enhances the visuals.

Visual Look-Up: Have you seen a tasty snack but are unsure what it is? Snap it with Visual Look Up, and you'll get similar recipe suggestions online using AI visual recognition technology.

Siri: The new update now makes Siri an even better personal assistant, with the ability to process back-to-back requests without the need to reactivate the program each time. Making your time even more productive.



iOS 17 presents itself as an exciting update with a heavy focus on customisation of its features. As with every update, some features may be used constantly by iPhone users, whilst others fade out without a second thought. While many of the features of iOS 17 may not be as flashy as others, it seems like this update will make iPhone users' lives considerably easier with some much-needed ease-of-use updates and accessibility features. What do you think about the update? Let us know on our social media!

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