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HTC One M7 front screen black surroundHTC One M7 back in black
HTC One M8 front screen in greyHTC One M8 back in grey
HTC 10 smartphone front screen in black surroundHTC 10 smartphone back in black
HTC One Mini 2 front screen in goldHTC One Mini 2 back in gold
HTC One M8s front screen in light greyHTC One M8s back in light grey
HTC Desire Z smartphone front screen silver greyHTC Desire Z smartphone back silver grey
HTC Desire S smartphone front screen blackHTC Desire S smartphone back in black and grey
HTC Desire Eye smartphone light blue surroundHTC Desire Eye smartphone back in dark blue
HTC Desire 650 smartphone front screen light sage blue surroundHTC Desire 650 smartphone back in dark grey
HTC Desire 610 smartphone front screen with dark blue surroundHTC Desire 610 smartphone back in dark blue

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