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RueZone understands that re-use is the best form of recycling

The UK has one of the worst records on electronic waste in the world. In 2016, every person in the UK generated a whopping 25kg of electronic waste – this includes items like laptops, tablets, computers and mobile phones that are just dumped in landfills or forgotten about at the back of cupboards or drawers.

Our mission is to promote the idea that re-use is the best form of recycling.

Luckily, people are starting to realise the importance of electronic device recycling and how it can help the planet and protect the environment.

Bringing unwanted mobiles back to life

An old mobile phone that may be junk to one person can be just what someone else is looking for! An increasing number of people are selling, trading in or donating their phones to recyclers just like us so we can give them a brand new lease of life. At Ruezone we ensure that unwanted mobile phones are recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We use sustainable recycling practices to extend the life of old phones, so someone else can get an affordable device either here in the UK or in a developing country.

So don’t just ditch your device, sell it to us and our team of engineers will give it new life as a professionally refurbished smartphone. Not only will you make yourself a bit of cash, but you’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside knowing that your unwanted phone is making someone else happy!

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