In this day and age, all the best phones and technology appear to be as expensive as ever, with customers having to dig deep into their pockets to be able to afford a decent phone.

However, splashing exuberant amounts of cash is not the only option if you want a high-quality phone. You will be surprised at how many high-quality phones are available, unlocked and SIM Free for under £100 that are UK refurbished. From Samsung Galaxy to iPhone, you can get the best mobile phones, professionally refurbished by in-house engineers (see our refurbishment videos) all for under £100.

Budget smartphones, contrary to popular belief, still benefit from features such as voice activated AI like Google assistant and Apple’s Siri, exceptional Rear Cameras that can zoom for miles and give the clearest picture, and Quad Core operating systems that keep your phone nice and speedy.

You will not have to settle for worse and older features, as by buying refurbished, you get a phone with up-to-date technology all for a significantly cheaper price. You can get phones with varying storage capacities, with phones ranging from 32gb all the way up to 256gb. At RueZone, we ensure all phones have a great battery life, so your phone won't let you down if you buy a refurbished phone from us.

All RueZone phones under 100 pounds are unlocked and ready for your SIM card, allowing you to make great savings with a SIM only deal! Each phone comes with a charging cable, SIM ejecting tool and cleaning cloth too, giving you that new phone feel, even though it is a refurbished phone.

We’ve picked out the best budget smartphones that are priced under different price bands to fit your budget, under £50, £100, £200, £300 and under £500 on our website, so take a browse there to find your bargain phone. You’ll be amazed at what you can get for your money.

RueZone is all about quality refurbished smartphones for a great price, whether it be iPhoneAndroid or Samsung, all our phones are valued at very affordable prices. Each phone is quality checked and gives you great communication at a great budget price. Whether you are looking for a refurbished iPhoneSamsungHuawei, Microsoft Nokia, Sony and more, there are plenty to choose from here on RueZone. You'll be surprised at the quality of second-hand phone you can purchase for under £100 - get yours today with free delivery!


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