Bring Your Own Device

What is it?

Buying a phone is as expensive as ever and with prices going up all the time, cheaper alternatives have never been as handy. That’s where we at RueZone can step in to help. By buying refurbished phones rather than new phones, you can save hundreds.


How do I save money?

A brand-new phone in this current market could put you back multiple hundreds and when adding on the SIM fees, it makes it unrealistic for everyone to have a decent quality phone. However, by buying refurbished, not only do you save money, but you also get the chance to experience high quality, top of the range phones for a relatively affordable price.


So, I buy a refurbished phone, then what?

Once you’ve purchased your refurbished phone from RueZone, you are free to go to any and all service providers to get yourself a SIM card. That’s right, there are no boundaries as to who you choose, it is completely up to you!


Save money whilst saving the environment!

The carbon footprint that's generated from the production of an electronic device from scratch is relatively high. By the time the product reaches the marketplace, it's done immense harm to the environment directly and indirectly.

By opting for a refurbished phone, you're basically extending the product's lifespan, thereby saving a properly functioning phone from ending up in the landfill. Using an old electronic product resets the clock and reduces the environmental impact.

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