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The iPhone 14 series has been on the market for a while now, and it's packed with fantastic features that Apple is renowned for. At RueZone, we specialise in refurbished phones and discover what makes the iPhone 14 series stand out. Here are our top 5 features that you can make the most of with the iPhone 14.

Turn off the Always On Feature

The iPhone 14 introduces the Always On screen lock feature. While it keeps your lock screen active, displaying the time and chosen format, it can impact battery life. To conserve battery, you can turn off this feature in your settings, saving valuable power.

Create Amazing Videos with Action Mode

Apple has enhanced the video capabilities of the iPhone 14 series. Action Mode stabilises your videos, even if you're recording by hand. To activate it, follow these steps in the Camera app.

Stay Safe with Crash Detection

The iPhone 14's SOS services include Crash Detection, which can sense severe car crashes. It alerts you and offers a 20-second window to contact emergency services or cancel the alert. If there's no response, it automatically calls for help and shares your location with emergency contacts, potentially saving lives.

Customise Your Lock Screen

With iOS 16 on all iPhone 14 models, you can customise your lock screen to display vital information. Add widgets for live app updates like alarms, calendars, weather, and reminders. It's a convenient way to access essential information without unlocking your device.

Capture Stunning Images

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max feature a 48MP primary camera, a 12MP telephoto, and an Ultra-Wide camera. These cameras, combined with ToF Depth Sensing, allow for professional-looking photos. Enable Apple ProRAW in your camera settings to have more control over editing your images.


At RueZone, we understand the value of having a device with premium features without the premium price. If you're considering upgrading to an iPhone 14, we can help. Sell My iPhone offers quick payments for your old mobile devices, making transitioning to the latest technology accessible. Get a quote today, purchase your new phone with RueZone, and contribute to environmental sustainability through our phone recycling trade-in services.

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