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The Samsung Galaxy S8 was ahead of the curve when it was first launched in 2017 and remains a modern, capable device even by the standards of the current smartphone landscape. Featuring iris, face and fingerprint unlocking, this smartphone also marked the introduction of Bixby – a significant improvement over the S Voice of the older models. With a notable increase in processing power too, the Galaxy S8 offers a faster and smoother user-experience than the S7, comfortably outperforming all of its predecessors.

Running Android Pie (an operating system that is by no means outdated) with a 10nm chipset as is still currently used in mid-range devices, the Galaxy S8 manages to compete as a fast, powerful phone three years down the line. Boasting its 5.8 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display panel, a feat achieved whilst maintaining almost identical dimensions to the Galaxy S7 by significantly improving the bezel to display ratio, it still looks great.

The curved edge “Infinity display” is by far its standout feature, and it made the S8 a trendsetter for this attractive and modern design. With a Gorilla Glass back, waterproofing and an aluminium frame, this devices makes no compromise between aesthetics and durability. It also offers impeccable contrast and QHD+ resolution, sharpness and vivid colours. Excepting a lack of the divisive notch of later models, the Galaxy S8 really holds up as a fresh feeling and attractive looking phone. Its curved, thin and lightweight design makes the phone comfortable to hold and easy to carry around in your pocket compared to most smartphones.

The rear camera in the Galaxy S8 is mechanically the same 12 megapixel as that which featured in the Galaxy S7, and benefits from the same f/1.7 lens giving impressive low-light performance as well as commendable general performance- with photographs being quick and easy to take whilst giving sharp and crisp end results. The front camera however had an increase from 5 to 8 megapixels, and includes an autofocus system. This gives the Galaxy S8 the ability to quickly snap a clean and satisfying selfie whenever the need arises- saving time on extensive retakes and editing.

Battery life is not the Galaxy S8’s strongest suit, although still in line with most current smartphones and plenty to see you through the day even with regular use. It offers an appreciable 64 GB of storage and a microSD slot for those who need a little extra. It features 4GB RAM, just like its predecessors in the Galaxy S7 range, still more than enough to keep this powerful device running smoothly and allowing for fast, hitch-free multitasking. The Galaxy S8 does feature the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack, allowing the USB Type-C charging port to be reserved for its initial purpose.

The Galaxy S8 now makes an excellent value choice, competing toe-to-toe with current mid-range smartphones whilst retaining the premium quality that has become to be expected of a flagship Samsung product. It promises great user experience, a powerful device and not least of all, a great looking phone!

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