Firstly, thank you for your trusting Ruezone with your purchase.

The Ruezone team is working hard to do what is best for both our customers and staff, as the situation concerning COVID-19 continues. We will continue to monitor all recommendations made by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local authorities as we continue to work hard to keep our services and operations running smoothly during this challenging time.

Ruezone safety

We control and monitor device refurbishment process fully in-house in our UK premises and can therefore ensure that the entire process, including working with phones, spare parts and packaging, complies with the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation and local authorities. To keep both our staff and customers safe, we are taking every possible precaution by cleaning all our devices using the best 70% Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and pure water mix, rapidly fighting any bacteria and viruses, before shipping.


Ruezone deliveries will continue as normal to our valued customers and we are doing everything necessary and possible to ensure phones are sanitised before sending them to customers. According to studies, the chance of the COVID-19 virus contaminating packages is very low, but we are applying sanitiser on those too before shipment. We recommend that on delivery you apply a sanitiser before touching the item.  

Our shipping partners Royal Mail continue to deliver orders to our customers as normal as possible. If any disruptions occur in our delivery service, we will inform you on our home page via the ‘About Ruezone’, ‘Delivery Information’ Section.

Customer service

We are happy to continue to respond to any queries or additional questions you may have by email, as normal.

Ruezone team

We have adopted strict guidelines on staff working on site, with as minimal staff as possible to prevent any chance of an illness spreading. We are also social distancing at all times. The use of protective gloves, eye protection goggles and overalls are standard practice within our workshop, the use of strict hand sanitisation has been enforced. Our teams are prioritising remote work when possible and the need for hand sanitisation together with changing our ways of working to accommodate the situation. 

Our best advice to everyone echoes what the experts are saying: apply social distancing when possible and wash your hands thoroughly and often.

Be safe

The Ruezone team

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