Will the iPhone 7 still be able to be used in 2021?

People thought 2020 would be the last year for the iPhone 7 to receive the latest iOS 14 however, as Apple's 5 years support still stands, 2021 will allow the iPhone 7 to receive the latest update, iOS 15. 

Why a refurbished iPhone 7 is still the best choice in 2021

This, therefore, means that the iPhone 7 will have the newest operating system that phones like the iPhone 12 are using, yet here at RueZone we sell an iPhone 7 in awesome condition for under £200! 

That's about one fifth of the price of the iPhone 12 Pro! 

How does the iPhone 7 compare to the most recent iPhones?

The iPhone 7 has many qualities that are integrated on the most recent iPhones. This is because the iPhone 7 was a phone that was drastically different to its predecessor, the iPhone 6.

With the iPhone 7, Apple introduced a new era of features and changes, such as the removal of a headphone jack, the addition of dual speakers, new home button and a waterproof design. These features are now staples on iPhones, making the iPhone 7 a relatively iconic iPhone.

The main noticeable difference between the iPhone 7 and the newest iPhones is that the iPhone 7 is slightly smaller. The screen is only 4.7 inches and it’s not as slim as the newer models, but it’s still smaller to hold in your hand. If thickness doesn’t bother you, then size doesn’t matter here. 

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