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The Samsung Galaxy S7 was an amazing phone at launch. It's a handset that packs great battery smarts, strong camera abilities and loads of raw power into an increasingly affordable package, and the device was highly praised when it released in 2016.

But how does it stand up in 2019? We’ve had the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S10 in the intervening years, so there’s been a lot of development on Samsung’s flagship smartphone series. On the flip-side, the Samsung Galaxy S7 keeps getting cheaper, so it’s worth taking a look to see if the Galaxy S7 should be your next smartphone purchase.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 still worth buying?

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 once had a premium price worthy of its status as a flagship phone, in the 4 years since its release it's now quite affordable, and you can find it for as low as £250, or under £180 if you’re willing to buy refurbished.

While the S8, S9 and S10 have been released since, it's hard not to like the Galaxy S7. It takes the much-improved, premium design from the Galaxy S6 and reinstates a few features from the Galaxy S5 that were shockingly missing from its successor, resulting in a robust and reliable phone, that is still impressive 4 years after release.

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Who Should Buy the Galaxy S7?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was a flagship smartphone, so it comes as no surprise that it's packing a punch under all that sleek metal and glass.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was incredibly well reviewed on release and it was seen as a worthy successor of the Samsung S6, while bringing back some of the missed features of the S5. If you’re after an impressive Android phone for an incredibly low price, then you can’t go wrong with the S7. It combines a sleek and impressive design, with a worthy (although not market-leading) camera and a fair amount of processing power under the hood, allowing you to run the latest Android apps with ease.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Galaxy S7?

Android purists might want to steer clear of the S7. Because of the phone’s age, you won’t be able to get the latest version of Android operating system on it, and Samsung Galaxy phones are somewhat renowned for bloating the Android system with unnecessary apps that come pre-installed. This won’t be a problem for the vast majority of casual users, but for those who need the best Android experience possible, you’re better off looking in the direction of the Google Pixel 3.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 didn’t boast the best camera on release, and 4 years later, it’s lagging even further behind. Again, the camera on the S7 is more than enough for the casual user, but if you want all the latest camera options like Bokeh, portrait mode and low-light photography, you might struggle with the S7.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 was one of the most highly reviewed phones in 2016 and as an entry-level Galaxy S7, it really can’t be beat at it’s current price. There are newer phones available in 2019, but these days most flagship phones top £1000. At under £200, the S7 is still a worthy purchase.

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