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Mobile phones are essential to be in your pocket in this day and age with everyone wanting the most up to date, technologically advanced gear. Smartphones must have as many features to satisfy the ever demanding user. Anyone can do almost anything on it, from playing games or watching movies, listening to music and reading, or running a business for work, all from the palm of their hands. Smartphones are becoming a major part of the entertainment industry, with streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix and Twitch all being accessible via smartphone. Thus, the screen size plays a vital part in enhancing a users experience. In order to know what size screen you really need, ask yourself a few questions.

If a bigger screen is part of your checklist when looking for a new phone, you will most likely be using your phone for entertainment or for work. However this doesn't limit who can buy a big screen phone, with the screen itself having a sleek, stylish look, appealing to those who enjoy aesthetic items. Although, what you plan on using your phone for makes the biggest difference. For those that use their phones for navigation, entertainment, as well as for emails and connecting with others via video chat such as Skype, a larger screen is a far better choice, due to the screen making your phone feel like a mini Apple Mac. Something like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is best for someone that plans on using their phone for a wide variety of tasks or entertainment. However, for those that just need something for calls and texting but still want occasional access to the internet and likes the extra features to make their Netflix series nicer to watch, something such as the HTC Mini is a good choice.

Everyone's phones usage differs, with social butterflies spending a lot longer in front of their screens compared to anti-tech old fashioned phone users. How much you rely on your phone makes a difference in the size screen you need. In this case, if you are not using your phone often you can save yourself some money and go for something simple with a smaller screen. However, if you like to use your cell phone for playing games, watching movies, and even reading, a larger screen is necessary. The iPhone 6 Plus is one phone that boasts a 5.5 inch screen. You don't want to spend a lot of time straining your eyes trying to look at a small screen.

You may not be spending a ton of time on your phone with games and movies. In this case a phone with a more standard, average size will appeal as the bigger screen, which costs more, will be less relevant. If you are depending on your cell phone for internet use and navigation, an average screen size provided by phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC DROID will be great. In the cases where you are looking at an average screen size, you will most likely be able notice the smaller, less noticeable features of a smartphone.
Size matters!

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