This iPhone 11 Pro does what it says on the tin - it is an iPhone 11 with a few changes to give it that ‘Pro’ feel, whatever you determine that ‘Pro’ feel to be.

The first thing that you would notice about the iPhone 11 Pro is its smaller size. The iPhone 11 Pro is 5.8-inches, just slightly smaller than the 6.1-inch iPhone 11. Although some may say this does not make sense, as a popular notion is bigger is better, the smaller size is a feature I personally like as it fits nicely in the palm of my hand. Of course this depends on your hand size and personal preference, but for the record, my hands are pretty average size and it fits very nicely.

The iPhone 11 Pro retains many of the design characteristics of the iPhone XS, and the iPhone X before it and while the iPhone 11 Pro looks nearly identical to its predecessor, the changes Apple has made do make it a much better phone.

This is the first 5.8-inch iPhone that doesn’t feel let down by a battery that needs constant access to a charging cable to get it through a full day. Apple claims there has been a four hour improvement) when you compare the XS to the 11 Pro. Apple has also made the iPhone 11 Pro thicker and heavier to accommodate this larger battery, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, with extremely thin phones being hard to grip at times. 

The triple camera array on the back is the 11 Pro’s party trick and that has become even more obvious after the launch of the Pixel 4. While Google’s new flagship takes excellent snaps, the versatility afforded by the three iPhone sensors delivers so much more freedom. The video recording remains the best on the market and the facial unlocking is far superior to anything else you can currently get.

The iPhone 11 Pro packs three distinct 12-megapixel cameras, which for the first time in an Apple device, includes an ultra-wide angle lens (13mm equivalent, f/2.4). You also get a standard lens (26mm, f/1.8) and a 2x telephoto lens (52mm, with an improved maximum aperture of f/2.0).

The iPhone 11 Pro takes insanely detailed snaps with beautiful colour reproduction across all three cameras. You zoom in and zoom out without noticing you’re changing lenses – something that normally trips up other triple-camera phones.

The iPhone 11 Pro is an absolute performance beast, with the new A13 Bionic chipset helping put it up there with the fastest phones on the market.

Like the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro has improved audio. The ‘Spatial’ audio supports formats Dolby 5.1 (if you’re watching from Netflix) and Atmos (iTunes) with the purpose being to make noise seem like it’s coming from around the whole device, rather than just the speakers at either end. Audio quality is actually fantastic from both the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max and the effect (that’s all it really is) seem to work as well as expected.

The 5.8-inch OLED display used on the iPhone 11 Pro is very much the same as the panel on the iPhone XS. It’s a fantastic, sharp and colourful display and easily one of the nicest to look at out of any 2019 phone.

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