Wireless QI Fast Charger and Light Sanitiser Box *NEW*

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Multi-functional, Multi-purpose, Quick and Easy to use e-Sterilizer UV Light Sanitizer Box and Qi 15w Wireless Fast Charging Station – Perfect piece of kit for families or individuals that’s handheld, making it extremely convenient to use.

Rapid disinfection that takes only 30 seconds!

This versatile product features:

  • Sterilization station box with built-in UV light.
  • Hand-held portable sterilization facility.
  • Fast wireless 15w Qi charging for your phone or device.

This practical wireless charger is compatible with iPhone, Samsung and many other devices with Qi charging ability (please check your phone size against the box dimensions shown before you buy).

So, what can the Sterilizer clean?

  • Masks disinfection.
  • Cosmetics disinfection.
  • Jewellery disinfection.
  • Watches and fitness bands disinfection.
  • Money and coins disinfection.
  • Plus, anything that you can fit in the box will be quickly and safely disinfected.

So, what can the Hand-held portable Sterilizer clean?

  • Use this sanitizer in its hand-held mode on toilet seats, door handles, taps, fruits, vegetables or anything else you can imagine.
  • Simply switch the unit on and ‘pass it over’ the item you wish to sanitize and let the UV light do its job to disinfect before you touch!

To top it all off, the Sanitizer box can also be used as a Cosmetic and Makeup Mirror!

Watch the video demonstration:

To get the full appreciation of this amazing product, take 2 minutes to watch this video to see how the Qi Wireless Charger and Sanitizer can be used to remove unwanted bacteria and germs (please click the video image):


Please note: This video will open in a new window

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