Our device grading descriptions explained:

Renewed : This is an as new device with no marks or imperfections, fully refurbished and in pristine condition. This is the best condition we sell.

Excellent : This device will have very light signs of use with minor scratches on the back and front. This device will be in perfect working order.

Very Good : This device may have minor scratches on the housing and or LCD. There may also be a small dent on one of the corners, but no more than one. The bezels and buttons may also have scratches, the device is in perfect working order.

Good : A device that has been clearly used, but not abused. Scratches may be detectable by touch, there may also be up to two small, minor dents on the corners.

Pre-loved Eco : This device may have some screen haze and possibly some LCD pixels not working. Also, may have scratches and dents in the housing, that can be detected by touch and be visible at arm’s length. This device will be fully working and offer outstanding value for money.